What Would You Give For Power?

Beauty, dreadful power, and solemn promises: these are the tools of the fey. Mortals seek them out to bargain for wealth, magical power, or other blessings. The foolish become ensnared in the courtly schemes of the fey, while the clever forge alliances with beings of incredible power. Here you’ll find the hierarchy of a fey court and details of what the fey want and what they offer, including fourteen new supernatural charms, four new fey NPCs, and ten new magic items.

You can get a copy of this 10-page PDF from the DM’s Guild through this direct link. Thanks to everyone who has read my fey content over the years!

Check out Knight Errant Jr.’s review! He says, “I’m really happy with this product. I wish I had access to it before I started running my Tales of the Old Margreve campaign, since I used charms to signify pacts between various fey lords and the PCs.