In my previous article, I tried to create something that would make the players care about their faction. If you don’t give them some benefit from scaling in them there’s nothing that will make them want to join one. Creating ranks with benefits for 3 of the Sword Coast’s factions proved to be a great success for my players. What’s more, the article I created sharing my creations proved to be quite successful as well. Therefore, here are my ranks benefits for the Order of the Gauntlet and The Emerald Enclave:

Intended use

My plan with creating these faction benefits by climbing the ranks is for you to add them to your Forgotten Realms games or for any faction in your world. Even if these factions are nowhere close to the ones from your home game, you will surely be inspired to create your own after reading these. If you consider them useful, add them to your game. If you are not the DM but would like these benefits to be offered to you by the DM from joining a faction, share it with them.

Without further ado, here are the ranks’ benefits:

Ranks’ benefits

Emerald Enclave. Rank 2: Summerstrider

Ring of Tree Walking: You are given a Ring of Treewalking. This ring allows you to cast the spell Transport Via Plants through it for you and two other creatures to be transported. This ring can only be used once per dawn. In exchange, members from the Emerald Enclave get to know your location at all times and call upon you and your party when in need to restore the world’s balance.

Emerald Enclave. Rank 3: Autumnreaver

Awakened Companion: If you already have a companion, you can ask for a free casting of the Awaken spell on them. If you don’t, you can ask for a beast with CR 1/4 or lower, who will come with the Awaken spell already cast on them. This creature will act as an ally towards you and can be replaced for another one every time you level up.

Improved armament: As an Autumnreaver, you get a +1 weapon or armor (or shield). Additionally, your Ring of Tree Walking is improved to allow the transport of up to 6 creatures.

Emerald Enclave. Rank 4: Winterstalker

Call the Eagles!: Your Ring of Tree Walking gets an ultimate upgrade to remove the previous limitations on the number of creatures being transported. As this was not enough, the ring’s wearer can send a telepathic link to it to communicate with an archdruid. Within the next minute, up to 10 giant eagles get conjured in your location.

Order of the Gauntlet. Rank 2: Marcheon 

Mark of the Defender: As a Marcheon you can ask a Vindicator or higher rank Order of the Gauntlet member to make the mark of the defender on your weapon or shield. With the mark, you can use your Action to grant +1 AC to one creature within 5ft of you per turn for the next minute. Within the minute, you can change the target of your protection by using a bonus action. The effect ends if the 5 feet distance is broken.

Order of the Gauntlet. Rank 3: Whitehawk 

Call forth the Order: You can ask a group of members from the Order of the Gauntlet to send two knights to guard a creature or object of your choosing until next dawn. These knights are told to guard, not to attack unless it is in self-defense.

Improved armament: As a Whitehawk, you get a +1 armor of your choosing, shield, or arcane focus.

Order of the Gauntlet. Rank 4: Vindicator 

Maximum Escorting: You can rent an ironed cart with 4 warehouses. If you use “Call Forth the Order” to grant it protection, 4 extra knights will be added to protect it.


This concludes the famous Sword Coast Factions. I hope you can make great use of them or at least serve as inspiration for you to create your own. Remember you can always grab these for your home game,  make some tweaks, and customize them to fit your homebrew world.

Are there factions from some other setting you would like me to create ranks for? Be sure to tell me in the comments!