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Survivalist Gaming: The Survival Skill

Like most skills in modern role playing games, ‘survival’ is something of a catch-all (though not so much as that most rolled skill in Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons 5e – Perception). This is totally fair; too much granularity gets in ...
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The DM’s Screen – Benefit or Burden?

In recent days, the DM’s Screen for D&D 5th Edition has been released and this has brought up some interesting discussions around my tables. Over my D&D career, I’ve played with dozens of Dungeon Masters of both sexes. Some were ...
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Survivalist Gaming: Dungeons as Fantasy Fallout Shelters

There are as many kinds of dungeons as there are monsters: living dungeons, conquered dungeons, ruined places, and many more. But dungeons work best when they have a plausible reason for their existence. If it has living inhabitants, there needs ...
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Interview with Creighton Broadhurst of Raging Swan Press

I thought it might be a good idea to start interviewing some of the people behind the awesome products that are available for tabletop gamers. I contacted Creighton after really enjoying some resources I picked up for my campaign on ...
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Trapdoor Technologies: Moving forward with iOS Platform Development

After coming up very short of their funding goal of $425k, Trapdoor Technologies has announced they are moving forward with their iOS development for Pathfinder, and calling it Morningstar 1.0 I wish them the best of luck.  The following is ...
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Trapdoor Technologies’ Codename: Morningstar Misses Funding Goal

Back in December, Trapdoor Technologies announced via Twitter and a YouTube video post at Tabletop Terrors that their Kickstarter campaign would be launching. In a previous story we looked at the falling out between Wizards of the Coast and Trapdoor ...
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Christmas Themed Adventures

When I went looking for a Christmas one-shot adventure, I was surprised to see there was not much content of any sort out there. Here is the list of what I was able to find. We have added our own ...
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Paizo RPG Superstar 2015 Contest

Paizo’s RPG Superstar design content is back for the 8th time. The 4 finalists will win writing contracts with Paizo and the big winner gets to write their own Pathfinder Module.
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Codename: Morningstar User Interface Video

Trapdoor Technoliogies has provided a 2-minute silent video overview of their user interface. The video quickly shows off some of the functionality in the product, including character generation, party messaging, adventure browsing, product shelf, store, dice roller, adventure creation and ...
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Pathfinder Society – Occult Society Revisited

Yesterday John Compton wrote a post about the Occult Adventures playtest closing. It sounds like the playtest went well and they are asking for feedback on how to make playtesting process in 2015 even better.