Behind the Games – Interview with Doug Davison of Fantasy ...

I thought it might be a good idea to start interviewing some of the people behind the awesome products that are available for tabletop gamers. I met Doug on Facebook this week and I asked him if he would be ...
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Pathfinder Strategy Guide Delay and Preview

The Pathfinder Strategy Guide, a character optimization book for all 11 core classes has had an issue with its printer and will now be released on February 25, 2015. Paizo provided a preview to make the news sting a little ...
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Pathfinder Society – “Improvements Are A-Comin'”

Pathfinder has been working on addressing some of the “growing concerns” with their organized play and provided an update for players.
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Pathfinder Unchained (OGL) Hardcover Announced

Pathfinder has announced this 256 page hardcover will be available for preorder April 2015 (approximately).
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D&D to Release 2 Storylines a Year Through 2018

UPDATED to include new information revealed at Gamehole Con by Chris Perkins and Ed Greenwood. New text is in blue. In an interview on Israeli site pundak.co.il, Mike Mearls (Head of R&D for Dungeons & Dragons) provided answers to 14 ...
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Mike Mearls (D&D 5e) AMA on Monday, Nov. 3rd on ...

subreddit RPG will be hosting Mike Mearls (one of the Lead Designers of D&D 5e) for an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Monday, November 3rd, 2014. The exact time has not been set, but it should kick off around 10:00 ...
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Dungeonscape Bad News

So Trapdoor technologies is pulling the plug on the Beta testing, and won’t be working with WotC to develop Dungeonscape. Wizards has stated they have ended their relationship with Tradoor. Not sure exactly what happened, except I think someone isn’t ...

New Wizards Account System

Wizards of the Coast just released their new Wizards Account system. The new Wizards Account System will
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The Rise of Tiamat – Review

Last week I was able to pick up my copy of The Rise of Tiamat and peruse it.  It was written by Steve Winter & Alexander Winter of Kobold Press and the hardbound book is 94ish pages. The book has ...
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D&D 5e Bard and Druid Spellbook Cards – Now Available ...

D&D 5e Bard and Druid Spell Decks appear to be available at Gale Force 9’s online store. They are missing thumbnails at the time of writing this.