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God Wars – Battle Royale

After #GenCon50 we now have a copy of the Gods and Goddesses by Sara & Aaron Hübrich from ...
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John Wick and Mythology

A look at the repurposing of myths in the world of John Wick, and how to leverage them ...
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Too Much of a Good Thing: Success and Magic Items

Instead of helping people get to know D&D creatures and their lore, this week we will discuss something ...
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Get to Know the Giants

Much like a robotic assassin from the future, I’m back…and I’ve brought giants with me. No, I’m not ...
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Deities & Demigods – Part 4

Continuing with the Melnibonéan Mythos, the next figure is ARIOCH.
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Deities & Demigods – Part 3

I’ve been working on a lot of Wuxia campaign over the past… year? Wow, a whole year, but ...
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Deities & Demigods – Part 2

Last week, I put together the stats for the demigod Hachiman from the Japanese Mythos found in the ...
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Deities & Demigods – Part 1

I have been reading through my library of old D&D books for some campaign ideas. I stumbled across ...