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6 Ways to Improve Your Combats

Running a good combat situation involves many things like finding a good match between the characters’ skill level ...
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How Much Magic Is Too Much?

One issue that I hear about often in D&D is the debate on magic. Specifically, how much magic ...
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5 Bad DM Habits

All DMs make mistakes and pick up bad habits from time-to-time. It’s natural and mostly unavoidable when dealing ...
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3 Contentious Roleplaying Extras

Sometimes DMs like to add a little something extra to their games. Sometimes these extras are fun and ...
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5 Avoidable Roleplaying Cliches

Players and Dungeon Masters alike have all experienced a roleplaying cliché at one point or another. The villain ...
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4 Simple Steps to Creating a Campaign

“How do I create my own campaign?” is a question that gets asked a lot by both players ...