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D&D Wilderness Kit

Details for a new D&D Wilderness Kit have emerged. This kit will include a DM screen, hex maps, ...
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A guide to Hexcrawling, Part 2: New Hexcrawling mechanic

Thumbnail art was created by WotC, modified by user windup on Reddit to not contain Spoilers for players ...
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A guide to Hexcrawling, Part 1

Truth is that if you have already played videogames such as Civilization, board games like Catan, or opened ...
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How to make an Indiana Jones-like campaign

Thumbnail art by Rafael Chies Last month I finished Tomb of Annihilation as a player. Being a big ...
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5e Magic Item Patterns for Alternate Crafting: Part One

Three patterns for magic items from the D&D 5e SRD for characters interested in crafting. These can be ...
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Unearthed Arcana: Into the Wild Breakdown

This month’s Unearthed Arcana takes us on a journey. That’s the, um, topic. Journeys? Anyway, this is a ...
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UA: Three-Pillar Experience Breakdown

The August Unearthed Arcana article addresses an alternate approach to awarding experience. In particular, it promises to promote ...
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Creating New Prime Worlds for Planescape

A look at generating Prime Material worlds for use in Planescape exploration
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(War) Craft Until You Hate Yourself

A quick word: this post is about the crafting system of the recent World of Warcraft (hereafter to ...