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Free League – The Lost Mountain Saga for Vaesen – Nordic Horror Roleplaying Announced

Free League Publishing today announced the expansion The Lost Mountain Saga for the ENNIE-awarded Vaesen – Nordic Horror RoleplayingThe Lost Mountain Saga is an epic campaign of five Mysteries, where you will explore ancient myths and old Nordic folk tales, get entangled in social intrigue, and encounter unspeakable horrors in every shadow as you travel across the Mythic North as you strive to uncover the truth.

The expansion is written by actor and podcaster Ellinor DiLorenzo and is based on the adventures from her original podcast The Lost Mountain Saga, but expanded and modified for the official release. The hardcover book is beautifully illustrated by the acclaimed artists Johan Egerkrans and Anton Vitus. A pre-order has been launched today in the Free League webshop that gives immediate access to the PDF ahead of the release later this year.

“As a Swede living in the United States who mostly plays with Americans, The Lost Mountain Saga was a way for me to bring everything that excites me about my own culture and customs to the table. From the sacred ritual of Swedish fika, to the often-romanticized Viking heritage, to some of our questionable political movements and of course, the terrifying creatures that used to haunt my dreams when I was a kid.” Says game creator Ellinor DiLorenzo.

“At the end of the day, The Lost Mountain Saga is a love letter to my home country Sweden, celebrating both the good and the bad, and a way for me to express my homesickness by sharing it with others. It’s suitable for anyone who likes their horror with an occasional laugh, non-Swedes, and Swedes alike.”

Vaesen: The Lost Mountain Saga includes:

Mysterious accidents plague the Swedish mining town of Falun, and a pious man takes it upon himself to get to the bottom of the problem – which he is convinced is the result of moral depravity and witchcraft. But something far more wicked is luring in the dark caverns.

The University of Upsala is hosting an exclusive ball rumored to reveal something that will shake the scientific community to its core. But in the midst of all the excitement, there are alarming reports that the Asylum is getting overcrowded due to an unexplained uptick in admitted patients.

An island off the coast of northern Norway is in distress, and all previous rescue attempts have failed. As winter approaches, the authorities hire a team of experts to discover the truth. What follows is one of the most dangerous missions the Society has ever embarked upon.

The ancient spring celebration of Valborg is close, eager to enchant those who participate. But within the rich history of the surrounding forests of the celebration, secrets are waiting to be uncovered.

An ancient stone has been discovered in the dark caves of the Abisko region in the north of Sweden. Protected for thousands of years by creatures no longer walking this earth, these sacred stones were never meant to be found. However, as is the nature of human curiosity and greed, exploitation soon begins with little regard for potential risks or consequences.

About the game writer Ellinor DiLorenzo

Ellinor DiLorenzo is a writer and filmmaker in New York City. Born and raised in Sweden, she works with several different mediums in the narrative field, ranging from small independent stage productions, podcasts, online streaming, short-form content to big-budget films and tv series.

Ellinor loves telling stories that are either unique or offer a new perspective. She never shies away from exploring the darkest of themes, especially those relating to human nature, while still finding the humor and heart of every story. Roleplaying games became the natural creative testing ground for her to experiment with various stories and characters, which eventually led her to develop The Lost Mountain Saga, an epic campaign set in the world of Vaesen – Nordic Horror Roleplaying.

When she’s not thinking of horrifying creatures and other terrors that might lure in the Mythical North, Ellinor runs her production company Frauhaus.nyc and does stand-up comedy on various clubs in New York City. She can also be found playing video games really, really poorly while using really, really bad words, on her twitch and youtube channels.