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Faction ranks benefits for your players

With all these holiday dates my schedule has tumbled quite a bit. However, here I’ve come again after ...
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Factions, renown and how to make your players care about ...

Thumbnail art by Etienne Hebinger Fighter: “All right. Tonight we are pulling off the heist to the Sorcerer’s ...
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Planescape Faction Backgrounds: Dusties and Chaosmen

D&D 5e player background options for the Dustmen and Xaositect factions from the Planescape setting.
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Planescape Faction Backgrounds – The Red Death and Sensates

5e backgrounds for two Planescape Factions: The Mercykillers and the Society of Sensation.
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Planescape Faction Backgrounds – Defiers and Godsmen

Player backgrounds for the Athar and Believers of the Source factions.
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Using Factions in Your Campaign

This week on the Campaign Trail I’m looking at factions and how to use them in your game. ...