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RPGification (Super) Smashes Back

A look at the last entry in the Super Smash Bros. franchise, and how it uses several traditional ...
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Top 9 D&D Video Games of All Time

This week, we have a guest post looking at the top D&D video games by avid PC gamer ...
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Relative Moralism in Games

Before there was fire, there were Dragons. The fire brought heat, but those who did not possess it ...
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Injustice 2 and the RPGification of Other Genres

A look at how Injustice 2 uses RPG elements, and what that means for the future of tabletop. ...
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Hi-Rez Expo 2017, in brief

If you know what HRX is, then we should talk about this past weekend. If not, I am ...
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Iron & Blood: Warriors of Ravenloft

The 90’s were a lawless time. Hypercolor tee shirts, peace frogs, and Home Improvement walked the land, and ...