WotC – Updated OGL and Dungeon Master’s Guild

As promised, there is an updated OGL for 5th edition D&D, and Wizards of the Coast has just opened up the Dungeon Master’s Guild. It allows DMs to share their Forgotten Realms adventures (using your DriveThruRPG account) and the ability to use D&D Intellectual Property. This change also makes updates to the OGL. There is a system reference document to help you with the using the OGL with your creation: Systems Reference Document (SRD): 398 pages of goodness! Also, there will be an AMA on Reddit with Mike Mearls & Chris Lindsay on Friday.

See their Post here with the announcement and links:

Dungeon Masters Guild Now Open


unnamedThere’s a new way to buy and share D&D adventures. With the Dungeon Master’s Guild, you’ll be able to self-publish material set in the Forgotten Realms using monsters, spells, characters, and locations.

Dungeons & Dragons is all about creativity. For more than 40 years, the folks who spent the bulk of their time creating amazing adventures, those noble Dungeon Masters, did not have a convenient outlet to share them with the gamers who weren’t sitting at their table. You either had to raise money to publish a physical book or zine on your own, or convince a publisher you had the chops., The Dungeon Master’s Guild puts the power to share that creativity firmly in the hands of the DM.

The Dungeon Masters Guild is a collaboration between Dungeons & Dragons and our friends at OneBookshelf, and it is designed to support and reward you – whether you’re an experienced DM or just starting out. Today, you can upload your creations to the DMs Guild website, as well as browse submissions from some of gaming’s most esteemed designers.

For the first time ever, you’ll be able to self-publish material set in the Forgotten Realms. Set your side trek in Neverwinter or Baldur’s Gate, have your characters go toe-to-toe with the Xanathar, the beholder crime lord of Waterdeep, or fall in with some traitorous drow in Menzoberranzan. With some exceptions noted on the DMs Guild website, the Forgotten Realms is at your fingertips.

You can set whatever price you like for your creation; you can give your new monster away for free or charge a few gold coins. If you do decide to ask for money, you’ll get half of the revenue while OneBookshelf and Dungeons & Dragons will split the other. We care about our creators and that’s why they get the biggest cut!

Creators can upload whatever kind of Forgotten Realms material they’d like to the Dungeon Masters Guild, but we’ll be featuring side treks, monsters, and backgrounds on the site. At this time, the Guild is only accepting Forgotten Realms material that uses the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons rules. For everything else, we’ve updated the Open Gaming License so that publishers can continue releasing their own material. Read more about the updated OGL here.

Head to dungeonmastersguild.com to see what’s available to download.


On Friday, January 15th starting at 10am PT, Mike Mearls and Chris Lindsay from the Dungeons & Dragons team will host an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on the Reddit D&D channel to speak directly with the public on how the Dungeon Masters Guild works. Mike Mearls is also available for interviews upon request.

If you have more questions, you can contact WotC Customer Service.