D&D Survey – Results & April Survey

The results are in from the last survey which asked what you’d like to see more of (feats, classes, spells, races, etc.) and looked at the mystic. This month’s survey is out asking for feedback on the DM’s Guild and April’s Unearthed Arcana options (revenant race, Monster Hunter archetype for the fighter, and Inquisitive archetype for the rogue).“In our last survey, we asked you which areas of D&D you thought needed expansion, and solicited feedback for the latest revision of the mystic character class and new rules for psionics.”

  • feats are the most requested new element (70%)
  • more character classes was next most requested with spells and races “not far behind”
  • Humans are the most popular race followed by Elf, Half-elf, Dwarf and Dragonborn
  • Fighter is the most popular class followed by Cleric, Rogue, Wizard and Paladin
  • The Mystic class was well received.

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Shawn Ellsworth

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