Need some ideas to spice up having animal companions and familiars? try these on for size!

– Reincarnated Sibling

When you grew up and your sibling got slain and then reincarnated, or just transmuted in some way into an animal. Since that day you have developed a bond and maybe one day you will find a way to restore them to themselves. This can be complicated with sibling rivalry causing the companion to perform pranks.

– Crusader vs Crime

Your companion has seen the city brought low by crime and corruption. They either encourage you to strike from the shadows at criminals, or loudly proclaim when virtues are being cast aside in public places. Either way your companion wants to you head towards danger and protect innocent lives when possible.

– Faerie Disciple

Sent by some noble in the Fey Courts, your familiar has several ongoing goals on the regular world, and they trade favors with you to gain your assistance. Maybe this grants you some capricious allies or enemies in the Fey lands. The familiar will have different values and ethics due to its Fey upbringing.

– Parent Trapped

During a sorcerous duel mom or dad got warped into your familiar. They are not happy but all attempts to change them back have failed. They may know someone who can help, but at what price? Since travelling with you they may approve of your social activities or methods, or maybe they are so keen to talk they tell everyone everything.

– Alien Messenger

Your companion has a quest, but it is from a very different place far far away. It may talk to rocks or every fifth cactus. Ever seen Third Rock from the Sun? that sort of weird. Maybe it knows a ritual to repair the world after the Titans are released? maybe it wants to release them so find the best icecream recipe. The companion may have some strange habits or ideas due to it’s bizarre origin.

– Meglomaniac

Your familiar has dozens of awesome plans to take over the world. And then the universe. Maybe it used to be a Lich, or a Dragon, or maybe it’s just heard too many adventurers tavern tales. It will constantly try to recruit others to perform tasks towards its goals.

– Ancestor

5 or more generations ago your ancestor died before completing their great quest. When your companion was born their body was inhabited by your ancestors soul and they want to finish their quest. Your companion should be abit like you, they are family after all, but mostly very driven towards their goal, but some of the parameters of the situation involving their goal may have changed.

– Extrovert Performer

Every campsite is a stage, every tavern is a theatre. Your familiar will perform in every way possible to create a festive atmosphere and draw attention. Music, dancing, art, juggling, even taunting. They will even encourage you to wear bright clothing and seek public attention often.

– Your grandchild

From the future your grandchild travelled to deliver an important message about events in your near future, that must be changed to prevent a tragedy. The bad news for the grandchild is it inhabits your animal companions body, so is far less effective than it needs to be. The scope of the tragedy and style of the events can be discussed with the Gamemaster.

Three ways to make companions more spontaneous –

– Each session a different player roleplays your familiar for the night.
– Certain food types may cause your familiar to mutate or suffer hallucinations.
– Your companion loves to give terrible advice about tactics, navigation or romance.