Conjure Beyond

Alternative Alignment System

Below is an alternative to the Dungeon World, Pathfinder or Dungeons & Dragons alignment system.

Players will decide what their character values, strives against and is ignorant of as a way to show the things they respond to or neglect in the world they inhabit.

• My character values – _______________________________
• My character strives against – _________________________
• My character is ignorant of – __________________________

Involvement & Influence of :

  • Arcane Guilds, Crime, Equality, Family, Military, Nature, Religion, Society.

Players will need to discuss with the Gamemaster the areas their character will focus on so the Gamemaster can insert some events or even plot lines involving those things.

Example : Player-My character values Equality, strives against Religion & is ignorant of Arcane Guilds.

Gamemaster-With the above choice the Gamemaster can throw in plots involving an oppressive religion, people being treated unfairly or the character becoming associated with an arcane guild (either them or a family member).

Power Groups :

One great way to give your character some direction to interact with the world is to ally or strive against one of the major factions.

Greyhawk examples :
– Do you strive against the oppressive yet secretive Scarlet Brotherhood?
– My character wants to find the lore of the empire lead by Vecna.
– Do you seek to reunite the Horned Society and undermine the Demigod Iuz’ stranglehold on the north?
– My character strives against barbarism, and will aid any civilising group or ruler.
– Do you make contacts in every nation to strengthen the influence of the Circle of Five to maintain neutrality?

Faerun examples :
– Do you strive to become the most powerful of the Red Wizards of Thay?
– My character works for the Lords Alliance along the Sword Coast.
– Do you value all the Zhentarim has taught you, and are loyal unto death?
– My character was betrayed by the Harpers and will have vengeance!
– Do you seek to swindle the dreaded Night Masks of all their possessions?

Want to use something like this for Sci Fi?

Starwars examples :
– My character strives against the slavery practiced by The Hutts.
– Do you value the Jedi code and try to teach the principles to everyone?
– My character wants to setup a region seperate from The Empire and the Rebellion.
– Do you know nothing of Wookie, Ewok and Gungun culture, but seek to learn more?
– My character is ignorant of life in the galactic core, they grew up in the outer rim.

Startrek examples :
– My character wants to expand the influence of the Romulan Star Empire.
– Do you value latinum and want to setup a casino on Risa?
– My character is ignorant of life outside the Federation.
– Do you strive against the Dominion and their sinister shapechanger rulers?
– My character values strength and will challenge the strong, eg Klingons and Cardassian military.