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Legendary Dragons: A 5th Edition Supplement by Jetpack 7 – Kickstarter

Today we present to you a Kickstarter by Jetpack7. It is Legendary Dragons, a D&D 5th edition supplement with some great writers and artist working on this project. You should give it a look.


Red dragons, black dragons, green dragons, gold dragons. They are great, but we’ve seen them before.  What makes a dragon unique among all others of its kin? What is its history, what are its motivations, and most importantly, what makes it legendary? Legendary Dragons answers all this and much, much more!

Jetpack7 aims to bring back the mystery to Dragons and to make an “ordinary” Dragon encounter… extraordinary!

The book will have:

  • New Dragons
  • New Wyverns
  • New Drakes
  • New Hydras
  • New Kobolds
  • New Dragon Races
  • New Lairs
  • Dragon Cults
  • Dragon Riders
  • Dragon Hunters
  • Dragon Hunting Factions
  • Dragon Hunting & Monster Hunting Economies
  • New spell components you can only get by hunting Dragons
  • Enhance existing spells with your new Dragon spell components
  • Dragon-hoard Items
  • Dragon Tactics and how to use Dragons effectively in your game!
  • Aerial Combat Options
  • And much, much more…

Remember when I mentioned that there are some awesome Writers? Here they are: James J. Haeck, Dan Dillon, Cody Lewis & Jim Pinto!!!

+ https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/782735675/legendary-dragons-a-5th-edition-supplement


You can see the activity and look at how well the Kickstarter is doing here (as of publication of this article, the Kickstarter is at $36,953):

Legendary Dragons: A 5th Edition Supplement -- Kicktraq Mini