This week we delve into the town of Djekul in the lands of Frost Barbarians, north east Greyhawk.

Greyhawk is the original campaign world for Gary Gygax, with stories centring on the lands of Flanaess, the heroes and villains that inhabit it.

Notes about the region : Frost Barbarian lands are cool in summer and spring, and arctic in autumn and winter.  Blackberry bushes and pine trees are the most common vegetation. Frost Barbarians are tolerant of Necromancy if the skeletons and zombies are used against Frost Barbarians enemies or simply as guards for granaries.

Djekul has around 3,000 citizens, many of these wander the lands or sail the seas on long hunts and patrols for weeks. Most homes are wooden cabins or long houses. Prominent clan banners along main streets and in front of large businesses. Djekul trades with various Centaur clans of the area, has good trade relations with Ratik to the south, but patchy relations with the Snow Barbarians to the east.

Guilds : None. Thirteen clans trade and brawl with each other on a regular basis.

Temples : Norebo, Kord, Syrul. Temple of Syrul is a warm cave with jagged obsidian walls and the scent of jasmine. The Norebo shrine is part of a three story building, which shares an inn and gambling den.

Caverns : Gypsum caverns beneath the city.

Features : Arena fighting pit in centre of town in spring and autumn. Once someone is unconscious the fight stops.

  • In Summer people go sailing, in autumn they ice skate on the nearby lakes.
  • Zephyr Couriers go any where, any time. If they fail you get your money back.
  • Several packs of Cooshee (elven hounds) in the woods west of town.


Adventurer/Mercenary Recruit/Debrief location : North western hill.

Potential Allies, Contacts and Rivals

  • 5e D&D : Barbarians of the Primal Path, mostly Hill Dwarves.
  • Pathfinder : Oracle, mostly Elves. Advisers to the various clans.


Protection Quest :

  • Recruiter/Reward : Norebo temple. 300 gp each (150 gp at the start and end).
  • Quest : Entertain the town at the Harvest Festival-Event planner/main act.
  • If they need suggestions; juggling, visual magic, face painting, axe throwing, ice skating, cooperative stories, archery.
  • Non-Combat Challenge – Keep people happy. Kids are fickle though. Cook a variety of meals.
  • Traps : Pit traps, 10ft and 20ft. Some one dug these near the festival to catch rats but didn’t bother to tell anyone.
  • Curve Ball – Lycanthrope (peacefully) offers several pcs chance for better life, more alert/fit. Join the dark side etc.

Negotiation Quest :

  • Recruiter/Reward : Clan elders. Recognition, right to own property, setup a business, or marry in Frost Barbarian lands.
  • Quest : Negotiate peace treaty Frost Barbarians-with Snow Barbarians. Both expect gifts for past ‘sins’. Blizzards smashing crops have caused hard times for all.
  • If the heroes have an ongoing nemesis, have someone try to stab them during a feast, who was placed under Geas by their nemesis.
  • Non-Combat Challenge – Cabre tossing and Cross country skiing. Heroes will be asked to show themselves worthy of attending the negotiations.
  • Curve Ball – Young Frost Barbarian warrior will try to challenge people to unarmed combat to prove himself.

Uncover Quest :

  • Recruiter/Reward : Merchants. Escalating tensions are no good for business. 150 gp each.
  • Quest : Peoples goods being found in each others homes/workplaces. Tensions are rising, small brawls breaking out.
  • A few town drunks are being hassled for thefts, but they are not guilty, the Quicklings use them as diversions.
  • Non-Combat Challenge –Entertain the Quicklings with song, art or torture.
  • Traps : Alarm, clanking metal objects to draw attention. Quicklings set this up around their loot haul stash.
  • Curve Ball – Quicklings are playing tricksters to relieve boredom.


Other creatures in the area : Mephit-Ice, trying to remove sources of fires in the area. Rust Monster, super hungry for minerals or metals. Ettercap-Summoned by a Wizard, seeking freedom.


Greyhawk Gazetteer – https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/28492/Living-Greyhawk-Gazetteer-30

Want more Greyhawk? Twitch – https://www.twitch.tv/greyhawkchannel

Greyhawk Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBR-a2i_-duuw-RUNztOmZw