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Alea Publishing Group – Iconic Adventuring System

So I haven’t written about Alea Publihsing in many many years, so I did a quick read on their website. And to my surprise I found they had just completed a kickstarter this year in August. The Iconic Adventuring System kickstarter looked interesting so I wanted to share this with our readers. You can get the iconic adventuring system fundamentals pdf through their website here: IAS Fundamentals. Here is a description of the download:

Welcome to a new addition to the tabletop role-playing genre.  Although a role-playing game, the Iconic Adventuring System is vastly different than its predecessors. First, apart from being a role-playing game, it involves deck building, where players create a character deck as they adventure. The character deck serves as their potential to overcome hazards and monsters to advance the storyline forward. Secondly, unlike traditional role-playing games, the Iconic System does not use dice for resolution.

Simply consider Iconic as a new level to gaming.  After all, you’ve been leveling for years – isn’t it about time to level up your RPG?


Fundamentals is an abridged version of the forthcoming role-playing rules found in the Iconic Adventuring System. While the basic and core rules are comprehensive, this guide offers a general insight into the system and what to expect.

I don’t see a lot of reviews on DriveThruRPG, so maybe give it a read and let them know what you think.