International Tabletop Day

This coming Saturday is International Tabletop Day. The day launched last year by Geek & Sundry (spearheaded by Wil Wheaton ...
D&D 5eNews

D&D Next Q&A: 4/4/2014

Rodney talks about combat maneuvers, and superiority dice in this week's D&D Next Q&A.

2014 ENnies Deadline Approaches

Publishers have until May 8th to get their 2014 ENnies entries in!

DnDClassics New Releases 4/1/2014 has added 5 new modules to its store this week including the 1E Dragonlance - Dragons of Mystery!
Adventure Time (Land of Ooo)Adventure Time D&D 4eD&D 4e

Adventure Time – Session #1

Today's was our first try at playing with the Adventure Time homebrew rules. Princess Bubblegum is looking for new champions ...