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The Spire (Dark Fantasy Rebellion)

Today we review The Spire, by Rowan, Rook and Decard. Blurb – ‘You are a dark elf. Your ...
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Modern Horror vs Revenge of the Sith

Today we undertake the final of the Sci Fi to Modern Horror movie conversion. Revenge of the Sith ...
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Modern Horror vs Attack of the Clones

Part two of the trilogy of movie total conversions into modern supernatural horror. Attack of the Clones Internet ...
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Modern Horror vs Phantom Menace

Today we start a trilogy of movie total conversions into modern supernatural horror. The Phantom Menace Internet Movie ...
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The Ghost in Baddon Brewery – A Spooky Short Story

Halloween just ended, but here's a spooky short-story for your candy and liquor hang over. Enjoy the Ghost ...
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Return to Camp Adonis – A Halloween One-Shot

A Halloween One-Shot using the 3:16: Carnage Amongst the Stars system as it's base. Can our young students ...
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Van Helsing and Anti-Stories in Games

A look at the Syfy show Van Helsing, it's nature as an anti-show, and how to turn that ...
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Final Destination and the Dangers of the Mundane

A look at Final Destination and using it as a model for dangerous exploration in 5e.
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Godzilla, Cloverfield, and fighting Kaiju

An in-depth look at Cloverfield and why it's the best model for kaiju in tabletop RPGs.
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Bloodborne: the Card Game – We Die, We Live, We ...

If you desire a card game that captures the feel of Bloodborne, rough edges and all, then I ...