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Unearthed Arcana: Warlock and Wizard Breakdown

Today’s Unearthed Arcana might qualify as the bombshell of the whole run through the classes, with the exception of the time they released a new ...
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Unearthed Arcana – Warlock and Wizard

As the team at WotC continues to release Unearthed Arcana content multiple time a month, this week we get a look at the warlock and ...
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Gods and Goddesses Kickstarter

Jetpack7 / Conceptopolis, the award-winning studio which helped design the new look of 5e and provided lots of art for the official books, is looking ...
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Campaign Trail

Improvisation and Rolling Fate Dice

Last week on the Campaign Trail I looked at improvisation and using story cubes for ideas. This week I wanted to look at using Fate ...
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InfinitasDM App – Daniel Sandberg Interview

Daniel Sandberg is the producer of InfinitasDM, a mobile app for tabletop RPG players. This app is made to be used in person for live ...

Assault of the Giants – A New D&D Board Game ...

Assault of the Giants is a new Dungeons & Dragons board game designed by Andrew Parks that challenges players to command one of six types of Giants and ...
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Unearthed Arcana: Sorcerer Breakdown

After a few weeks off, Unearthed Arcana returns with four new sorcerous origins, one of which is a rework of material released in one of ...
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Ruins of Azlant – Pathfinder Adventure Path

Paizo will begin releasing the next in its long line of Pathfinder adventure modules this August with the Ruins of Azlant Adventure Path. The six-part ...
D&D 5e

Unearthed Arcana – Sorcerer

In this week’s Unearthed Arcana we get a look at 4 new playtest options for the sorcerer: Favored Soul, Phoenix Sorcery, Sea Sorcery, and Stone ...
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Performance Check

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Smite Pro League Season 4 for Dummies

For those new to Smite and the Smite Pro League, here is an overview of the upcoming season.
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Tabletop Action Scene Lessons from Professional Wrestling

Take lessons from professional wrestling to step up your tabletop action scenes.

History of the Classes

D&D 1eHistory of the ClassesWuxia / Oriental Adventures

The Monk Class, Part Two

Another Monday without a UA article, so another Thursday with a new History of the Classes article: to every cloud, ...
History of the Classes

The Monk Class, Part One

It’s been, um, a little while now since the History of the Classes column covered character classes rather than social ...