D&D 4e – Peppermint Butler

Here’s a quick level 5 build I did for Peppermint Butler (the dark one) when I needed him as an NPC for our D&D 4th Edition Adventure Time homebrew weekly game on Roll20.
peppermint-butler-140px I used the Adventure Time Character Generator to build him quickly. The builder maxes out at level 5, but it is a great tool and all our players use it for the campaign.

Level 5 Candy Wizard

Level: 5
Species: Candy
Class: Wizard
Size: Medium
Vision: Normal
Health: 42
Healing Surges: 9
Healing Surge Value: 10
Initiative: +5 (+0 Dex, +5 level)
Speed: Walk 6 squares
Armor: Cloth
Shield: (none)
Dagger, Simple; One-Handed, proficient: +3, 1d4, Blade, Can be thrown, range 5
Ability Scores

Ability Score Modifier
Charisma 14 +2
Constitution 16 +3
Dexterity 11 +0
Intelligence 15 +2
Strength 10 +0
Wisdom 14 +2
Base Attack Modifiers

Base Attack Modifier
Charisma +7
Constitution +8
Dexterity +5
Intelligence +7
Strength +5
Wisdom +7
Defense Scores

Defense Score
AC 17 (+5 level, +2 Int)
Fortitude 18 (+5 level, +3 Con)
Reflex 17 (+5 level, +2 Int)
Will 19 (+5 level, +2 Wis, +2 wizard)

Skill Scores

Skill Modifier
Acrobatics +5 (+0 Dex)
Athletics +5 (+0 Str)
Bluff +7 (+2 Cha)
Diplomacy +12 (+5 skill training, +2 Cha)
Dungeoneering +7 (+2 Wis)
Endurance +8 (+3 Con)
Heal +7 (+2 Wis)
History +12 (+5 skill training, +2 Int)
Insight +12 (+5 skill training, +2 Wis)
Intimidate +7 (+2 Cha)
Magic +16 (+2 Int, +4 candy, +5 wizard)
Nature +7 (+2 Wis)
Perception +7 (+2 Wis)
Stealth +5 (+0 Dex)
Streetwise +7 (+2 Cha)
Technology +7 (+2 Int)
Thievery +5 (+0 Dex)

Basic Melee Attacks:
Dagger; Attack: +8 (+0 Str, +3 proficient) vs. AC; Hit: 1d4+0 (+0 Str)
Unarmed; Attack: +5 (+0 Str) vs. AC; Hit: 1d4+0 (+0 Str)
Improvised One-Handed; Attack: +5 (+0 Str) vs. AC; Hit: 1d4+0 (+0 Str)
Improvised Two-Handed; Attack: +5 (+0 Str) vs. AC; Hit: 1d8+0 (+0 Str)
Basic Ranged Attacks:
Dagger (thrown); Attack: +8 (+0 Dex, +3 proficient) vs. AC; Hit: 1d4+0 (+0 Dex)
Other Actions:
Bull Rush; Attack: +0 (+0 Str) vs. Fortitude
Grab; Attack: +0 (+0 Str) vs. Reflex; sustain minor
Move Grabbed; Attack: +0 (+0 Str) vs. Fortitude; move action, halfspeed

Class Features:
Cantripomancy: As a wizard, you can perform a myriad of minor spells to amuse your friends and aid your allies.
Sources of Power: All wizards choose the source of their powers early on in their magical training. Many pick elemental sources like raging fire or billowing wind. Other more eccentric wizards choose almost anything from sweaters to toast to cutlery. Your source of power provides a great deal of flavor to your character and can be used as a simple way to customize a wizard. Any power that contains they keyword Source indicates your chosen source of power. Once chosen, you may not switch power sources. E-veeeeer.

Class and Species Powers:







Note: Modifiers in parenthesis have already been included in your totals and are present only for reference.


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