Trapdoor Technologies – Free Pathfinder App for iOS (iPad only)

They’re back.

After not reaching a hefty $425k goal on Kickstarter, Trapdoor Technologies as they promised this past January, went forward and produced a free App for use with Pathfinder RPG.

It has been over a year after I first saw Morningstar being demo’ed at Gen Con 2014 in the D&D gaming area, and being used in Adventurers League Games, then afterwards Wizards of the Coast pulled support for it. 🙁

But DungeonScape/Morningstar has been reborn, and now we have Playbook (for PRD) on iTunes. It is currently a free App with two free in-app purchases: PRD Monsters & PRD Rulebook. It touts that “Playbook integrates all the components of a complex tabletop roleplaying game into a single application that can be run on your iPad” 🙂

Trapdoor Technologies: Moving forward with iOS Platform Development

After coming up very short of their funding goal of $425k, Trapdoor Technologies has announced they are moving forward with their iOS development for Pathfinder, and calling it Morningstar 1.0

I wish them the best of luck.  The following is an excerpt from their press release:

Trapdoor Technologies’ Codename: Morningstar Misses Funding Goal

Back in December, Trapdoor Technologies announced via Twitter and a YouTube video post at Tabletop Terrors that their Kickstarter campaign would be launching. In a previous story we looked at the falling out between Wizards of the Coast and Trapdoor Technologies to develop Dungeonscape for D&D’s 5th edition rules (Codename: Morningstar).

After a bumpy road, it looks like the ride may finally be over for Codename: Morningstar, as they did not reach their $425,000 goal to modify their technology to support Pathfinder (via PRD). They were able to raise nearly $75K with over 1,200 backers, so this shows some decent interest. If you look at other Kickstarters for games related projects, $75K would more than fund most of them. It is hard to speculate if the high funding amount, the negative feedback on their beta, being dropped by Wizards of the Coast or all were the cause, but the end result is the same.

Codename: Morningstar User Interface Video

Trapdoor Technoliogies has provided a 2-minute silent video overview of their user interface. The video quickly shows off some of the functionality in the product, including character generation, party messaging, adventure browsing, product shelf, store, dice roller, adventure creation and publishing to support their Kickstarter Campaign. It looks pretty good and I hope they can figure it out. It could really be a great tool for Pathfinder or anything else they can get running on it.

UPDATED! Codename: Morningstar Kickstarter

On their Kickstarter page Trapdoor Technologies tells us about Codename: Morningstar with the following statement and a video.
“Create, publish, prepare and play. A cloud-based application designed to enhance your tabletop RPG adventuring and storytelling.”

They are looking to raise $425,000 over 30 days for their tool geared towards game masters, players and game designers.