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Arcadia Issue 3 Breakdown

All art belongs to MCDM Right before March finishes James Introcaso surprised me with another early copy of ...
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Leomund’s Tiny Problem

Today I want to talk about Leomund’s tiny hut, which for brevity I’ll be calling LTH for the ...
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Kevin’s Spellbook: Mending

Here in the final glimpse into my spellbook, we will look at Mending. This versatile and often overlooked ...
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Kevin’s Spellbook: Mage Hand

*poof* Welcome back, ye seekers of the mysteries of the universe!  This week we are going to take ...
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Kevin’s Spellbook: Major Image

Hello, students of the arcane!  Today we will look at one of my favorite spells, Major Image. Illusions ...
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Kevin’s Spellbook: Shape Water

Welcome adventurer! Today I crack open my grimoire and tell you about another one of my favorite spells. ...
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Kevin’s Spellbook: Heat Metal

Welcome to a new series in which I explore and expound upon my favorite spells. In this series, ...
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The Magic Aquatic: Five Spells

Over in Harbinger of Doom, I wrote a collection of six spells developed by underwater peoples, intended for ...
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Four Spells for Eldritch Knights

I’ve been thinking about the 4e swordmage class lately, and particularly how it both is and isn’t translated ...
Deep Magic: Time Magic
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Deep Magic: Time Magic Review

Today I’m digging into Deep Magic: Time Magic for 5e, by Carlos Ovalle, from Kobold Press. Tribality received ...