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All Mass Effect FATE RPG Nominations Have Been Removed

Publishers have until May 8th to get their 2014 ENnies entries in!
Behind the Screen

10 of My Favorite Things from June!

Another month has gone by and another stack of amazing things have floated down my social media stream. ...
Campaign TrailFeywild/ShadowfellSettings

Ideas for a Fairy Tale Campaign Setting

This week on the Campaign Trail I’m continuing to look at campaign settings that go beyond the typical ...
Pathfinder RPG

Paizo Pathfinder’s Occult Adventures Class Preview

Paizo has released a preview from Pathfinder Occult Adventures with a class preview of The Spiritualist.  See the ...
Thoughts & ThingsWuxia / Oriental Adventures

Deities & Demigods – Part 2

Last week, I put together the stats for the demigod Hachiman from the Japanese Mythos found in the ...
D&D 1eHistory of the Classes

Psionics, Part Two

Last time in History of the Classes, we looked at the first iteration of psionics rules ever to ...
Eye of the Beholder

Magic: First Steps into Competitive Play

Today, I’m writing something special, outside of the purview of my usual work in the Eye of the ...
Role Initiative

5 Shakespeare Plays Perfect for D&D

For some, Shakespeare means amazing stories, fantastic characters, and romantic prose. For others, it is akin to nails ...
Pathfinder RPG

Playtest Pathfinder’s Ultimate Intrigue

Go full Bruce Wayne and Batman with Pathfinder RPG’s Ultimate Intrigue. The 256 hardcover page book coming out ...

WotC Sage Advice – Rules Roundup

There is a new article on the Wizards of the Coast D&D website by Jeremy Crawford that collects ...