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Fast as Lightning – The Flash Campaign

You’ve seen the series, now let’s talk about how to make a RPG campaign based on The Flash! There are a few elements you will need to make decisions on. These elements will help you get things started and be ...
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Hair and Howls – Lycanthrope Player Characters

There are many ways you can use Lycanthropes, shape shifters influenced by the moon(s) in your games as Player characters. Here are some questions to run through to help you define Lycanthropes in your games. See Part 1 – Lycanthropes ...
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Fur and Fangs – Lycanthrope NPC’s

This article will give you some ideas on how make interesting Lycanthrope NPC’s in your games. What is a Lycanthrope for the context of RPG’s? Lycanthropes are humans (and other species) who can change into animals and/or hybrid forms, and ...
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Ideas from our Solar System

Many fictional worlds duplicate earth in many ways, and gamers use earth as a template when making their own homebrew planets. But a variety of concepts & ideas can be borrowed and modified from the other planets in our solar ...
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Want volcano with it?

Volcanoes are part of the natural world, but rarely used in games. Using a volcano in your game should involve an ongoing series of events that lead up to the volcano bursting and changing the area around it. The volcano ...
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A couple of months ago, a reader reached out to be to say that he had created a new tabletop game, and he hoped I would consider an article on it. We had a good conversation about it, and I agreed. ...