Make it Personal – Magic Items & Your Campaign

Let’s look at how to make those magic items we give out to players a little more personal. We’re 6 levels and 16 session into my 5th edition campaign set in the Nentir Vale. Along the way I provided my players with some magic items I personalized for them. This week on the Campaign Trail, I’ll provide strategies for giving out magic items, example magic items I created (from scratch or by simply tweaking an existing magic item) and the bit of history I write for each to bring them to life.

Magic Duels: Origins

Magic Duels: Origins, the brand-new Magic: The Gathering digital experience, is now available for PC via Steam! Magic Duels offers limitless free gameplay, hundreds of unlockable cards, many exciting multiplayer modes (including the return of fan-favorite Two-Headed Giant!), and regular content updates that reflect the latest Magic: The Gathering card sets, starting with the upcoming release of the Magic Origins set. The game was released for iPhone and iPad earlier this month, with Xbox One launching July 31 and PS4 coming later this year.