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WotC Sage Advice – Rules References: August 2017

There is a new Sage Advice article on the Wizards of the Coast D&D website by Jeremy Crawford. ...
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The Fighter Class, Part Three

By reader request, I’m returning to AD&D 1e to cover the three fighter-like classes in Oriental Adventures. The ...
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Shapeways – Digital 3D Printing Services for Tabletop Games!

I had the fortunate opportunity to visit with the gracious Lise Keeney at the Shapeways booth at Gen_Con this ...
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Van Helsing and Anti-Stories in Games

A look at the Syfy show Van Helsing, it's nature as an anti-show, and how to turn that ...
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Using Tokens in Your Game Part 1

What do Presto’s magic cap1, “Dollar Bill’s” sword necklace2, Linus’ blanket3, the rogue’s lucky dice, and your lucky ...
D&D 1eHistory of the Classes

The Fighter Class, Part Two

After two weeks of other topics and a weekend of GenCon, I’m back this week to continue the ...
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Rotating Rosters, Stables, and the Fabulous Freebirds

A look at running tabletop games with flexible rosters through the lens of professional wrestling teams.
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God Wars – Battle Royale

After #GenCon50 we now have a copy of the Gods and Goddesses by Sara & Aaron Hübrich from ...
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Dealing With Difficult Topics in RPGs

(Author’s note: this article will be a bit different than the ones that I have written in the ...
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The Living Preview Part 3 – Character Creation

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 This week’s installment covers the character creation process system for ...