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Improvising and Adjusting to Character Decisions

In any campaign that I have DM’d the players came up with some solution or go off toward some blank part of the map. That would send me scrambling to catch up to the player’s decisions, improvising my way to ...
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Conflict Without Violence

Any good story should have conflict, but not every conflict should be resolved with violence. While Dungeons & Dragons offer tons of options for combat, the non-combat ways to resolve conflict are often forgotten. These are harder to make mechanical, ...
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A Villain’s Fatal Flaw

So far we have looked at how to create a compelling villain and how to create their organization of evil, so now let’s look at what makes villains sympathetic and compelling to fight against their fatal flaw.  A fatal flaw ...
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Creating an Organization of Evil

So you have your big bad evil guy, right? You’ve developed their motivations, their world view and have given them a compelling reason for their actions. What’s next? Well, they need henchmen to carry out their will! Let’s do some ...