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Apex Predators: Aquatic Barbarians for 5th edition

These two Totem Warrior barbarian builds showcase how you can mix-and-match the standard powers in the core rules, re-skin their special effects, and add a few new powers to create the feel you want for your campaign or specific PC. For example, ...
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Unearthed Arcana: Character Options for a High Seas Campaign

As some of you might know, I run a waterborne campaign of my own in my Vodari setting. In the latest Unearthed Arcana, Mike Mearls has provided some great options for your seafaring adventures. I actually set-up Minotaurs and Swashbucklers ...
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D&D March Survey Results & Another Survey

“Another month brings another D&D feedback survey.” Wizards of the Coast has provided the results of the March survey and continues to ask for feedback on this edition with another feedback survey. I just completed this survey which asked questions ...
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Monkey See, Monkey Shift: Edition-Agnostic Options for Shapechanging and Summoning

Wizards are often referred to as the Swiss Army knives of spellcasters, having access to a wide variety of high damage and utility spells useful for any occasion. But do they really? Wizards (or Magic-Users, if you prefer) are still ...
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D&D 5e Modifying Classes and Creating New Classes (Unearthed Arcana)

“Looking for more advice on modifying character classes? Dive into customization with some advice on class design.” Rodney Thompson, senior designer for the Dungeons & Dragons, just released the latest Unearthed Arcana article. The article outlines: how to create new class ...
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Elemental Evil Player’s Companion

The Elemental Evil Player’s Companion has been released on DnDClassics.com/RPG Drive Thru/RPG Now as a PDF download. New Races: Aarakocra, Deep Gnome, Genasi, and Goliath, and TONS of New Spells.
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The Art of Magic; Irezumi for 5th edition Alchemists

The Irezumi is an archetype for the Alchemist class and is one of eight traditions, including Metamoporhs, Poisoners, Artificers, Reanimators, Herbwardens, and more. You’ll need the core class presented in the original article and this to play the irezumi. Irezumi Irezumi are the ...
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5th Edition Fighters Built for Speed: Mariners/Skirmishers

This 5th edition fighter-based mariner is inspired by the ranger-based class introduced in one of my favorite Pathfinder supplements, Cerulean Seas, and credit goes where credit is due. Huge thanks to Emily Kubisz and the team at Alluria Publishing. Mariner/Skirmisher ...
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Gith Player Characters for 5th edition

The githyanki and githzerai (sometimes referred to collectively as the “gith”) were created by Charles Stross for his own AD&D game and first appeared in the April/May 1979 issue of White Dwarf magazine. They gained their prominence in the D&D pantheon for ...
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5th edition Undead Immortals: the Soulbound

Soulbounds are beings trapped between two worlds, similar to in many ways to classic revenants though the reasons behind their existence are far more varied. Unlike common revenants, soulbounds are not fully undead and rarely have a single wrong to ...