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Campaign Trail

Playing Younger Characters – D&D 5e

This week on the Campaign Trail I’m looking at player characters (PCs) that are younger than what is ...
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4 Weird And Wonderful Homebrew Campaigns

It shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone that reads my stuff that I’m a huge fan of ...
Role Initiative

5 Fantasy Series You Should Read If You Play D&D

Movies, television, and theatre are wonderful places to get ideas, concepts, and even plot-lines for great D&D campaigns. ...
Role Initiative

6 Real World Locations To Inspire Your Roleplaying

Every so often I get captivated by a beautiful piece of fantasy art work and some of my ...
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Errata for the Monster Manual and the Dungeon Master’s Guide

Like the Player’s Handbook back in June, we now get errata for the Monster Manual and the Dungeon ...
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Waking the Dead; Reanimators for 5e Alchemists

The Reanimator is an archetype for the Alchemist class and is one of eight traditions, including Metamoporhs, Poisoners, Artificers, Irezumi, Pyromancers, ...